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Effective Monday June 28, 2021 the pharmacy will be reopen to the public

Information about a limited supply of Covid vaccines (06/28/2021)

Click here for our new and improved online refill ordering, it’s call RxLocal and can be found on the Apple App Store or Google Play.  rev:09/16/2020

A really nice story in the “Island Weekly” about women in business and the pharmacy

Current information on what type of vaccines we offer (* Pending Fall 2021 Revision-Call for current information)

We bill 99% of all the vaccinations we give.  Medicare pays 100% for all flu shots as well as Pneumonia Shots. Shingles Vaccinations are billed through your Part-D Plan.  Covid-19 vaccines when available are also covered 100% no matter which insurance you have or even if you have NO insurance.

This year we have put all the vaccination questionnaires on this site, so if you fill it out online your wait time will be less.  All Vaccination Questionnaires can be found by clicking this link.

If you’ve never been vaccinated at Lopez Island Pharmacy or had a prescription filled by us you will also need to fill out a New Patient Form at this link.

Check this site often for updates.  We will check your vaccination record when doing your flu shot and may recommended that you also get the new Pneumonia Vaccine at the same time.  Medicare covers both these vaccines at no cost to the patient.

New Patient Printable PDF forms:Patient Info Request Form rev 06.08.15

New Animal Printable PDF forms:Animal Patient Info Request Form web site rev 08 12 2018

The “Dark Side ” of health care, news that will affect your health and your wallet

Minor emergencies that we can help with

How do I reorder a prescription that I’ve filled before at Lopez Island Pharmacy?

Never been to our pharmacy, but need a prescription.  Click here for some helpful information, yes we also fill prescriptions for animals.

I need a prescription transferred from another pharmacy to Lopez Island Pharmacy, what do I do?

Healthcare “Catch of the Day” or what we do behind the scenes! 

Medicare Part D Drug Plan Information  revised for 2016/2017

Things your mother never told you about insurance, prescriptions in particular

Those we may have forgotten – A work in progress of Lopezians who are no longer with us. * NEW FEATURE-Scanned Programs from Memorial Services


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