No Patient Counseling in Tennessee?

July 20, 2017 – By Marge McCoy, Pharmacist, as originally posted on FaceBook

One for the books…..

We often have folks that vacation here call us with a medication question after they leave Lopez. However it is usually in regard to something we have given them.

Today I fielded a call from a woman asking about a colonoscopy prep procedure and explaining she just realized she didn’t mix her prep correctly, had been drinking the wrong concentration and wanted to know what to do.

For those of you that don’t know me, as a pharmacist I usually ask a host of questions before I feel I can offer a helpful answer. I proceeded to ask my how/what/why questions. It turned out that she was calling from Tennessee, had purchased all the items she was using in Tennessee, and hadn’t been here for awhile. However by the time she realized she had made a mistake, her doctor was closed.

Calls to the local pharmacy kept landing her on perpetual hold with an eventual disconnection, so she got nowhere with her local pharmacy. She remembered we had been helpful to her when she had been on Lopez, so she decided to call us to ask what to do.

Suggestions followed, crisis averted, and hopefully, she will have an uneventful procedure tomorrow. However, I am still shaking my head………

This is why I shake my head. We have become a nation with health care akin to fast food medicine. The insurance companies and PBMs (pharmacy benefit managers) rake in the profits, but do none of the work. They push numbers via computer, sit back and rape the insured and providers. They drive the little guys out of business. We are in a far greater health care delivery crisis than most realize. We will soon have only mail order meds and tele-medicine. You won’t see a real person or speak to anyone face to face unless you are in crisis or having a planned procedure. This lady couldn’t find the help she needed. I don’t fault her for reaching out. I just feel for those that have no one to call or no one to advocate for them.

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