New Prescriptions and Transfers of Prescriptions from other Pharmacies

Yes, under certain conditions a pharmacist may transfer a prescription and the remaining refills to a pharmacist in another pharmacy. However, once transferred, the prescription at the original pharmacy is void and may no longer be refilled there, unless you have the prescription transferred back to the original pharmacy.  You can help with getting a transfer done by first checking with your regular pharmacy and finding out if there are refills left on the prescription.  A simple rule of thumb is that if you walked into your regular pharmacy and asked for them to refill your prescription, could they do it without calling the Dr.?  If so then we can more than likely transfer the prescription.  Another common courtesy upon pharmacies is that the receiving pharmacy on a transfer will call the other other pharmacy, not the other way around.

Using a mail-order pharmacy for your regular medications?  Bottom line is we just can’t call them,so just have your Dr. send in a new order.  On a side-note think about using a pharmacy where you can reach out and touch someone.  Pharmacies like ours can ONLY stay in business with regular repeat business, no pharmacy can survive on antibiotics and bumps and bruises.

If the prescription at your regular pharmacy does NOT have any refills left, the just call your Dr. and ask them to send us a NEW prescription, just explain to them the situation.  On new prescriptions we accept phone calls, faxes and E-Prescriptions.  Some controlled substances have limits on what we can accept, but we can explain that if you are unsure.


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