Memorial of those from Lopez we might have forgotten

When Lopezians get together sometimes someone will bring up a name from the past, usually what follows is “Oh, I remember them” and then a story will evolve” .  To help jog our memories and not forget some of these people that helped to make Lopez Island what it is today, we’ve started to post these peoples names on the list below.  As you can see we’re doing this alphabetically, but if you want to add a name that we’ve forgot please send us an email with Memorial in the subject line.

If you see a name that you’d like to add a short explanation about we’ll start adding them to the post also, just try to keep it short.  Send this also to the email listed above.

Some names will have a obituary listed to the right, if you don’t see the person you’re looking for scroll up or down on the obituary page.  There can be multiple people per page.

Lopez Island Pharmacy Deceased Patients of 08/30/2015 8:35 PM

 *** NEW FEATURE – We have scanned a number of programs from Memorial Services and they can be viewed at this page.


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