Memorial Programs Scanned

By clicking on any of these links you can see a scanned copy of the pamphlet that was handed out during these Lopezian’s Memorial Service.  Pardon the lack of formatting, and hopefully we will be able to get these into alphabetic order, but for now this will have to do.  Thanks go to Heather Arps for saving these, and now they are safe for all time.  If you have other programs you would like included please email us.


As of 05/05/2015

Wefferling, David 2015_05_05_13_52_05

Vaughn, Craig 2015_05_05_14_05_20

Van Eeckhout, Rick 2015_05_05_14_05_02

Stephenson, Pat 2015_05_05_13_12_15

Simonian, Sally 2015_05_05_13_50_37

Simmons, George 2015_05_05_13_08_01

Schwendeman, Edith 2015_05_05_13_09_14

Richey, Betty 2015_05_05_14_05_36

Ritchie, Romayne 2015_05_05_13_13_32

Phelps, Bob 2015_05_05_13_11_28

Phelps, Barbara 2015_05_05_14_04_26

Patrick, Scott 2015_05_05_13_13_07

Oakie, Barbara 2015_05_05_13_09_48

Munter, Marlyn Memorial Program 2015_05_04_16_44_38

Meng, Ron August 22, 2013

McCallum, Gene 2015_05_05_13_11_08

McBarron, John 2015_05_05_14_06_15

Marshall, Leta 2015_05_05_16_47_28

Long, Fred 2015_05_05_16_47_28

Kring, Gerhart 2015_05_05_14_04_45

Kring, Francis 2015_05_05_13_14_04

Kenzer, Len 2015_05_05_13_50_56

Johnson, Malene 2015_05_05_13_05_23

Johnson, John 2015_05_05_13_06_57

Inslee, Frank Memoriam 2015_04_22_13_09_17

Ingham, Wilburn and Norma 2015_05_05_13_13_47

Hayner, Norman 2015_05_05_13_12_51

Hastin, Phil 2015_05_05_13_12_30

Fisher, David 2015_05_05_13_07_28

Ellis, Fred Sr 2015_05_05_14_06_03

Dengler, George 2015_05_05_13_13_19

Cowan, Millie 2015_05_05_13_07_11

Conrath, Gerry 2015_05_05_14_05_51

Cole, Howard 2015_05_05_13_10_54

Coffelt, Stella 2015_05_05_14_06_27

Carpenter, Bill 2015_05_05_14_04_00

Bill, Sally 2015_05_05_16_46_59

Bequette, Chuck 2015_05_05_13_08_21

Bequette, Chuck 2015_05_05_13_06_27

Bequette, Chuck 2015_05_05_13_06_04

Bee, Annette 2015_05_05_14_07_11

Avent, Carol 2015_05_05_13_10_02

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