Lopez Island Soda Fountain

Morning Coffee Picture 014
Left-Right: Dave Stratton(RIP), John Nason, Bob Spieker(RIP), Jan Spieker, Larry Schulze. In the background is Roy Buzzard(RIP)
soda fountain (2)
The Soda Fountain, many a tale was told there and many a laugh was had!

As summer approaches hardly a week goes by when someone comes in the pharmacy and wants to know where the Soda Fountain is.  As most know the Soda Fountain was an integral part of the pharmacy for many years. When the pharmacy moved to its new location the Soda Fountain stayed behind and stayed in business until May of 2014.  The new owners of the building have not touched anything inside the Soda Fountain, aside from some cleaning and a few other touches it could be reopened.  Many of us hope this will happen someday. 

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