Lopez Island School Scholarship Information


Unfortunately we will be unable to offer any scholarships for the year 2016

Lopez Island Pharmacy is pleased to offer to a graduating Senior from Lopez Island School financial aid in the form of a Scholarship.  The application can be retrieved at: Scholarship 2015 Rev 2015_03_31_09_45_27 OR request a copy of the application in Microsoft Word Format please contact us at this link, entering Scholarship in the subject line.

Past Recipients

2015 Maya Lengyel

2014 Erik Jonasson

2013 Jaise Hampton-Poole

2012 Brook Schober

2011 Teddy McCullough

2010 Alex Zoerb and Laura Strom

2009 Kaylee Kramer

2008 Randi Ritchie and Mikhael Burt

2007 Rachael Wilbur

2006 Cassie Sheldon and Evan McCoy

2005 John Sutton

2004 Jane Crawford

2003 Buck Batway and Robin Buchanan

2002 Lucy Tanner, Megan McCoy and Meily Mendez

2001 Joe Doss

2000 Tisha Johnson

1999 Sarah Corbin and Erica Foley

















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