Insurance Information We Need

We accept almost 500 insurance plans, however we are not familiar with all plans from all around the country.  On your card there is some information we need to even make a stab at getting your prescription billed.   These Insurance Card Samples will give you an idea what to look for:

1.  Bin Number

2.  Processor Control Number (PCN)

3.  Your ID and Group Number

3.  Person Code(Some plans only list the insured even though other members of the family are covered, other plans will have a unique number for each member of the family).  If your card only lists the insured and you are sure there are others covered the Person Code could go something like this

Insured: 01                A few plans will have the insured as 00 then Spouse might be 01

Spouse: 02               

Oldest Child:03, etc.

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