How to order a refill of a prescription we have filled for you before

 How to reorder prescriptions – Rev: 01/24/2018

While I was speaking to a new patient the other day she brought up a question that sometimes we take for granted in the pharmacy, how do I order another refill for my prescription.  Well at Lopez Island Pharmacy we have a myriad of ways to do this simple task, ranging from high tech to low tech.  Remember on every prescription label there is whats called a prescription number(Rx#), this is a unique number for your prescription that can always lead us to the correct request.  However this number can and will change from time to time, so don’t commit it to memory.  If you’ve lost the bottle or box with the Rx# we can always look it up by your name, but you might have to speak to us in person to do that.

1.  Using your touch-tone telephone (Rev: 01/24/2018)

We recently gave Century Link their walking papers, after months of service problems we converted our phone system to an Internet based system running on Rock Islands Ultra-Fast fiber optic system.  When we did this upgrade we also upgraded our automatic prescription phone ordering system.  When you call now please listen to the prompts carefully, as some of the choices have changed.  You also have the ability to call in and check the status of a refill you previously asked for, just follow the  prompts.  However you will also now get a call, email or text telling you that your refill is ready to be picked up.

This is one of the high tech ways to reorder your prescriptions.  It’s as simple as calling our phone number (360-468-2616 or toll-free 1-888-325-3269).  After the polite lady answers your call you will be prompted on what to do next.  What’s nice about this system is that its available 24/7/365 and it give you immediate feed-back on when your refill will be ready.  Additionally if your prescription is out of refills and that means we have to contact the Dr. for a new prescription, the system will allow us to send an electronic request directly to the Dr. on the next business day.  Just remember when you’re asked do you want the pharmacy to contact the Dr., answer yes.

An electronic request goes out to the Dr. the next business day.    What’s nice about this is that Dr’s offices are busy too, and this way it’s on their desk first thing in the morning.  While we can’t control how quick they will respond, we can control how quick they get our request, and this is the fastest way to insure a quick response.

A couple of caveats, certain controlled substances can’t be ordered this way, but the system will tell you to call and speak to us.  Second occasionally our system is doing maintenance and you might get a different set of prompts when entering your information.

Pros at using this system quickly learn that they can ignore the boiler-plate prompts and enter their Rx number with blinding speed.

 2.  Using your computer

We have a website that you can access called  from this site you can also order prescription refills 24/7/365.  Here you can look at your entire medication history and place orders.  There are two ways to register.  The easiest way is option #2 on the web site and follow the instructions to self-register.  We can also give you an “Old ID” to use, but it’s easier if you do option #2.  This is a quick way to reorder if you’re already sitting in front of your computer, otherwise using the touch-tone phone is quicker.

3.  Using an App

We also have apps for Iphone and Android devices.  In the Itunes store you can search for RX30 and look for “refillrx”, this is a dedicated app that patients have good experiences with.  You can also search for “Lopez Island Pharmacy” and use this app, however it is not as detailed in its information as the “refillrx” app, but it will work. 

If you have an android phone you can search for “Lopez Island Pharmacy” at the Google Store and find the android version there.

 4.  Old School using the phone

Sometimes for one reason or another or if you have a question, just call us and press the option to speak to one of us.  In fact for certain controlled substances order you have to speak to us directly.

 5.  Really Old School, just stop by.

Sometimes patients just have a question or need to pick up something else in the pharmacy, in these cases just walk in and speak to anyone and place your order.  If you need a refill right away we will try to do it as quickly as possible, but understand there may be others ahead of you.  However we know island life can be challenging and we understand the phrase, “ I’m running for the ferry”.


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