Helpful information on using our pharmacy

First you’ll find we’re not your usual big city pharmacy.  If our practice seems different to you, remember we can do it fast or we can do it right.  If you never have used our pharmacy before here is some helpful hints and information we will need.

Seems silly, but we need a prescription, no we can’t just give you a couple.  Click here for how to get your prescription to us.

1.  We will ask you to fill out a short new patient information form.  Mainly it’s name, address, contact information, but the biggest bit of information we need is :

Do you have any allergies to drugs, foods, etc. AND Are you taking any other medications or supplements,

We’d rather have too much information that too little.  If you take several medications you should always carry a list.  And men know your own medications, don’t rely upon your wife to keep track of them.

2.  Please give us your insurance card right away, even before you start filling out the new patient form, it helps us get started while you’re filling out your form.  Parents if you are having your children go to camp, or stay with friends, you need for them to have a copy of their insurance card(FRONT and BACK).  For children under 18 someone should have a medical release, or permission to treat when sending your children with other adults.  Cell phones are great, but they don’t always work on Lopez.

        INSURANCE 101:  What might be a popular insurance plan where you live, might not work here, if that is the case we will give you multiple receipts for you to turn in for reimbursement.  If for some reason we don’t accept your insurance and you’re going to be staying on Lopez for a length of time we might be able to get your insurance working here.  We accept over 400 insurance plans, but every once in a while we find an odd plan.    We have the ability to look up insurance information on line, with Medicare Part D Plans being the easiest, commercial plans are often not in our database.  The information on this page will give you further information.

Can I return the medication?

3.  OK, we finished filling your prescription and now you just want to get back to enjoying our island, but wait there’s more.  It shouldn’t take a law, but there is a law that ALL new prescriptions be counseled to the patient by a pharmacist, not a tech or a clerk.  The prescription may be something you’ve taken for years, but to us it’s considered a new order and we need to go over it with you.

Every summer we hear the same thing, “I’ve been taking this for years”.  But after we tell them the do’s and don’ts, many a patient will tell us, ” I never knew that” or “no one has ever told me that before”  A personal favorite is the patient that says “Oh my Dr. knows all my medications and he/she have checked them already for drug interactions”  It’s great when Dr.’s do this, but our systems are more advanced that the checking the Dr. does, and we catch interactions all the time.  We can’t assume your Dr. or anyone else has done a complete job, it’s for your safety.

So now you know about your medications all that is left is to pay for them.  We accept almost all credit cards, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Debit Cards.  We don’t give money back on debit cards however.  


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