COVAD-19 Special Pharmacy Procedure Effective until further notice-April 2020

Safety, Ordering and Pickup Procedure

Effective until further notice – March 31, 2020

During this highly unusual time in order to minimize contact between patients and ourselves we are asking that all prescription pickups be done outside of the pharmacy.  You will get a call when your prescriptions are ready, and if you are NOT sure please feel free to call and check, 360-468-2616.  Once your prescription is done you can arrange to prepay, we are preferring to use ALL credit cards  or Checks and minimize cash.  

When you get to the pharmacy if you have a cell phone you can call from the parking lot and let us know you are here and we will bring out your package, if your cell phone doesn’t work, just politely honk your horn, under no circumstances enter the pharmacy, we will get to you.

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