On Line Appointments FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

We now have online appointments for our vaccinations and other services.  For Vaccinations pick the one you want and you will be prompted to another page to pick the dates and times.  We have limits on how far in the future you can book, so you will ONLY be given choices for services, times and dates available.  

You will be asked if you are not a current patient of Lopez Island Pharmacy near the end of the process and you will be directed to a “New Patient” form for you to fill out, you will also be able to enter your insurance information in this form.

After you make your appointment you will receive a confirmation email, within this email is a link IF you need to change or cancel your appointment.  Again we have a time limit on how late you can change or cancel an appointment.  Remember you can always call us, 360-468-2616 Opt 3.


yellow and white red pills on blister pack
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com