Influenza Vaccines 2020 Information

Lopez Island Pharmacy 2020 Influenza Vaccination Information

 We are fielding many calls at the pharmacy concerning when can patients get a flu vaccination for this year.  Unfortunately, many of the large pharmacy and big box stores have started to promote getting a flu shot now.    It is NOT in your best interest to get vaccinated now, it might be in the best interest of those promoting this push for early vaccination, but NOT in your best interest.

If you don’t read any more of our information on flu vaccinations, remember this…. It’s just too early!  The CDC and most health care professionals recommend following the CDC guidelines of late September or October.

Every year we see some exceptions to this, i.e. a person might be traveling and will be unable to get vaccinated during the recommended times, but AGAIN wait until late September or October is best for most of us.

At Lopez Island Pharmacy we have sophisticated ways to let you know when the time is right, and you can be sure we will let you know.  This year with COVID-19 and the need to minimize contact between everyone we will have new ways to maximize social distancing.


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